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What’s A Cup Of SUSHI

A Cup Of SUSHIとは?

Over 10 power foods in 7 layers

Sushi cups are inspired by sushi rolls. Each cup contains seven layers of colorful ingredients, including topping, salad, crunch, grain, main, and side. The sushi cup is a well-balanced meal because it contains ten nutritiously significant foods.

One-handed sushi

In order to make eating sushi easier and quicker for people with busy lives, all sushi is served in cups. Sushi cups are also a convenient package for people on the go, for parties, picnics, and catering.

Customize your sushi

You can customize grains, sauces, and toppings to create your own sushi cup.

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What's A Cup Of SUSHI

Here's how to eat a sushi cup!

How to eat a Sushi Cup

How to eat a Sushi Cup

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Our Concept


Modern Sushi With A Novel Eating Twist

A Cup Of SUSHI combines traditional Japanese ingredients and flavors and reimagines them for the busy lifestyles and sophisticated palates of today’s young, urban professionals.

Our goal is to deliver visually appealing, nutritious and delicious meals that are easy to eat, packed with colors, textures, and ingredients that appeal to all your senses.

A Cup Of SUSHI is served in a convenient ready-to-go package to enjoy on the go.

Choose from a wide variety of flavors to suit to your mood and appetite and enjoy different textures and flavors with every mouthful!

Our Concept



Newest American Sushi Innovation

It wasn’t until the invention of the California Roll that sushi became more accessible to mainstream Americans in the 1960s.

Since then, American Sushi has continued more than a century of evolution and has become a mix of Japanese and “American” flavors.

A Cup Of SUSHI introduces a brand-new category to the Japanese-inspired American Sushi culture - a modern, nutritious and convenient Sushi experience while staying true to authentic Japanese Sushi flavors and ingredients.

A Cup Of SUSHI doesn’t just taste great, it makes you feel great!


Yuji Nishimura

西村 祐二

Chef / Store Manager


Yuji has spent the past 30 years as an Executive Chef at some of the Top Japanese Restaurants in Orange County. His passion for sharing traditional Japanese cuisine is exceeded only by his commitment to preparing and providing the highest quality ingredients and flavors available to his patrons.


Yasu Hamada

濱田 泰彦



Yasu brings a passion for sharing traditional Japanese cuisine and also developing Japanese-American fusion cuisine and food product innovations. The majority of his more than 20 years of experience has been spent consulting with Japanese Restaurants throughout Southern California.

About Us
About Us

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